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How to increase breast milk supply

How to increase breast milk supply

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What is a postpartum doula?

What is a postpartum doula?

Parenting a newborn is a job too often done alone, behind closed doors, without help. Mothers and fathers of newborns have many questions about what to do and what is “normal”.Support for the...

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What My Customers Are Saying


A life-saver

As a working mother, Seattle Family Chef is a life-saver, not only in terms of saving time but also knowing that my family is eating delicious, healthy food.

Virginia, 2017

Guidance and Support

Thanks so much for all your help so far! It’s been such a pleasure having you experience early parenthood with us. We definitely appreciated your guidance and support.

Jessica, 2017

Tremendous help

Jessica was a tremendous help after the arrival of my second child. Having her in our home allowed me to get the much needed rest to recover from delivery, assured the housework didn’t pile up, provided extra hands when my toddler, myself or family members were ill, and insured the fridge was always stocked with delicious homemade meals. We truly appreciate her energy in helping us during the exciting, yet exhausting, adventure of expanding our family.

Lia, 2017

Yummy Jumbalaya

Unbelievable, hella tight, slammin, wicked crazy Jumbalaya.

Ali, 2016

Responsive to my Needs

“She was responsive to my needs, by taking my older son to the park.”

Margarette, 2011

Great Experience

“I’m going to a PEPS training so I can lead a group — I had such a great experience in your group!”

Kendra, 2012

Valuable Postpartum Care and Excellent Meals

“During the chaotic and stressful period that followed my wife’s difficult labor & birth, I returned to work, cooked & took care of my family. Things became very challenging. Hiring Jessica was one of the best decisions I made during this period. While providing valuable postpartum care for my wife and son, she has cooked enough great food for us to eliminate stress related to food preparation and subsequent cleanup. My wife and I are very picky about the food we eat. Excellent meals that Jessica prepared exceeded in quality those that we would cook ourselves. (more…)

Strong and Stable Support

“In February 2012 I gave birth to my second child and was privileged to have Jessica, as a friend and a Postpartum Doula in the delivery room with me.

When I was 32 weeks pregnant, I was diagnosed with pregnancy Cholestasis, a liver condition that causes terrible itching & early labor, in a small number of women. It can be dangerous to both mother and baby. Jessica referred me to a local acupuncturist who mostly cleared the Cholestasis and enabled me to stay pregnant until 38 weeks. (more…)

Invaluable Help

“I met Jessica at four weeks postpartum, overwhelmed and exhausted, after having my 3rd child. She graciously offered to volunteer six hours of her time to help with the transition. On her first visit, Jessica lent me a book about breastfeeding and watched the baby while I took care of household items. At this point I was still recovering from the birth and feeling homebound and I was really wanting to get out. (more…)

Nurtured and Cared for

“I highly recommend postpartum doula Jessica Tabakin. It’s so easy to forget to take care of yourself in the midst of the post birth chaos. Doula Jessica was there to help me remember. She was there to help with whatever needed to be done. (more…)

Kind and Supportive

“After the birth of my 2nd son I did not anticipate needing a postpartum doula, but my husband came down with a cold & our family was out of town, we knew we were drowning! Jessica came in, quickly fit in with our family and worked her magic! Our 2 year old still asks when she is coming back! She managed to use & cook with every piece of produce in our farm share box in 2.5 hours. A week’s worth of incredible food was waiting for us. (more…)

Time to Focus on our Baby

“Jessica has been an amazing resource of knowledge for our little guy and her cooking is absolutely amazing! The house smells so good and it has been a huge help to not have to worry about making meals when we are tired and just want to focus our time with our new baby. Not only has Jessica kept myself and my husband well fed, now that our little guy is starting to eat solid foods, she’s got him hooked as well. Highchair tray slapping good!”

Carrie, 2014

The Doula that Cooks

“The Doula that Cooks” is the perfect slogan for Jessica. She is highly experienced with babies and children and has endless knowledge to share. She is also a wonderful and experienced cook who will tailor meals to any specification. Jessica’s talents are versatile and thus well-suited to the many diverse sorts of families who may need a Doula.”

Amanda & Doug, 2015

Best Macrina Bread

Your Macrina Squash bread is better than Macrina’s Squash bread

Brett, 2016

Resource for New Family

This was my first child & my family is on the other side of the country. I knew I needed to surround myself with people I could trust, that could help with the baby so I could care for myself mentally and physically. I wanted someone who would be experienced & a resource as I learned my new role. After interviewing Jessica, I knew she was that someone.

Great Experience

“I’ve used jessica has a doula/chef twice now and both were great experiences. The first was during my pregnancy, when I was on bedrest. She came and made several amazing meals accommodating my many allergies as well as a few snacks for my toddler and myself. In addition, she cleaned out my fridge and kitchen. (more…)

Truly Great Cook

“I fondly remember the day you came over. It was the first time I ate real food in a long time. You truly are a great cook.”

Kari, 2011

  • A life-saver
  • Guidance and Support
  • Tremendous help
  • Yummy Jumbalaya
  • Responsive to my Needs
  • Great Experience
  • Valuable Postpartum Care and Excellent Meals
  • Strong and Stable Support
  • Invaluable Help
  • Nurtured and Cared for
  • Kind and Supportive
  • Time to Focus on our Baby
  • The Doula that Cooks
  • Best Macrina Bread
  • Resource for New Family
  • Great Experience
  • Truly Great Cook